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Back in 2013 I started using this incredible mod in Skyrim. After a time I noticed that it was not entirely complete and the mod author was not updating it. I reached out to him with some ideas I had for completing the mod as I had taken it upon myself to make the changes in my own game since in my own little way I was creating mods using the Creation Kit.  Jim told me that he was pretty busy with school and didn’t have much time to work on his amazing mod anymore. He then proceeded to let me know that if I wanted to take over the project, that would be fine.

Well time went by and I did just that but life being what it is I moved pretty slowly on the project, but never quite let go of it. As time went on I acquired a copy of Skyrim Special Edition and eventually built a new computer and installed Windows 10 Pro on it. I came to find out that Windows 10 did not play well with Skyrim Oldrim, so I turned my attention to SSE and was delighted.

When I would try to play Oldrim no matter what I did the game would freeze and my system would lock up. I tried every fix there was and nothing worked, after a while I came to accept the situation, Skyrim Oldrim was no more. Then came the realization, my mods! All of my nods had been created with the Skyrim CK, soooo came the task of how to port them to SSE.

Well, I did just that and so the tale brings us to the present. This great mod was resurrected and I painstakingly have pushed on to make it the full masterpiece that it was and is. Thanks to the incredible work by Jim known as Raven1979 on Nexus, and his willingness to let me work on it, the task is nearly done. Here I will post images and information on the changes I made to the mod and to show just how wonderful this little Island is and will be for any one who chooses to live there. So we welcome you to Northview Manor.


Northview Manor is an island community in the Sea of Ghosts with a clear view of the Castle Volkihar to the west, and the coastline of Haafingar in Skyrim to the south. Here you you will find a small group of people who live on the island nestled at the base of the Manor that gives them their livelyhood.

The members of this community are a diverse people. Of course the Innkeeper Orvan is a kindly Nord and owner of the Slaughtered Snow Cat , who is ready to help any way he can. His waitress Aedan is a Breton who is always on time to work and helpful in every way. Aedan’s sister Aeona is the bard in the Slaughtered Snow Cat and a very talented one at that.

The town Blacksmith Corvin is quiet, and an excellent Smithy he sells what ever you need in the way of weapons and armor.  Corvin’s wife Eiluned is a sweet person who cleans the Inn and makes sure everything is nice for the guests.  Their friend and neighbor Nuvela, a Redguard woman, is the owner and proprietor of  Northview General Store, has some great deals waiting for you.

The East Empire Warehouse on the docks is run by Lunia an Imperial, she keeps a small but well stocked shop with many various items. And then there is Britta, a Breton adventurer waiting for some one to offer her the chance to seek her fortune. On occasion you will find Commander Brogart, the Captain of the Manor Guard having a drink before heading back to the barracks at the Manor for a nights rest.

When the day is done and their work though you will find this diverse group of friends and companions having a great time listening to good music and sharing a drink at the Slaughtered Snow Cat, you will feel compiled to join them.

Back at the Manor there are a couple of people you will never see in town, their jobs keep them at the Manor, there is the House Chef, and vendor Julia Childs who has been at the Manor for a long time, and the night shift Manor Guard, Elga a sweet girl who takes her job seriously.

Well that’s the people of Northview Manor so now let’s take a look at the place.




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