Log In To ‘Marvel Heroes’ This Weekend For A Free Hero, Update Also Adds New Costumes, Angel Team-Up

By David Stonecipher

Marvel Heroes

As part of a month-long celebration of the second anniversary of Marvel Heroes, players can log in today for a free hero of their choice. Last week, players were treated to a huge anniversary sale, Team-Up 2.0, Dr. Doom, and other new additions to the game. This week, players can choose a free hero, recruit Angel as a Team-Up, take part in a major boost sale, and collect birthday cake slices.

Players that log in before June 15 will find a Marvel Heroes second anniversary week gift box in their inventory. Opening the item will result in a free hero ticket that can be redeemed at a vendor for a free hero, excluding the recently released Dr. Doom, or the ticket can be used to purchase a hero’s Ultimate Power Upgrade. Players will need to visit the Anniversary Operations vendor to redeem the ticket.

A free hero is just part of the update to Marvel Heroes today. A full list of patch notes with minor changes, bug fixes, and more can be found on the official forums. The patch also includes two new costumes and the Angel Team-Up, all of which are available via the in-game store. Two new Uncanny Avengers costumes are available now; one is for Magneto and the other is for Vision. Not to mention, Angel is now available as a Team-Up for players to summon in battle.

Celebrate Marvel Heroes‘ second anniversary with a free hero

As the Inquisitr reported, the revamp to Team-Ups occurred last week. Now, these allies level up independently from the player character, have their own power trees, and can be geared with new cosmic level Team-Up gear. Players can opt to have a Team-Up always out, use them as a temporary assist power, or utilize them passively. Players can pick up Angel from the in-game store or save up eternity splinters to purchase him without real money.

The in-game store for Marvel Heroes also updated today with a new Summer Boost and Valentine’s Day Romance Packs. The Summer Boost lasts four hours and raises rare item find, special item find, and experience gain by 200 percent. The return of Valentine’s Day Romance Packs include bundles of romantic characters at a discount. For example, players can pick up a bundle of Scarlet Witch and Vision, an alternate costume for both, each character’s personal bank, and five Sweet Candy Rush Boosts for less than $19. These will be available for a limited time and will likely leave the store next week when the third week of anniversary revelry begins.

Who are you going to choose as your free hero?

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