‘GTA V’ Ocean Gets Its Very Own Documentary [Video]

By Todd Rigney

Grand Theft Auto V

The GTA V ocean is so expansive and full of wonder that someone actually made a documentary about its many virtual splendors.

Rockstar’s epic open world adventure allows players to do just about anything they want, including trekking through the wilderness in search of animals and climbing to the top of the island’s many scenic mountains. In fact, there are so many things to do in GTA V that one could avoid the main storyline and still get their money’s worth from the experience.

While GTA V doesn’t specifically give you the tools to make your own documentaries, this didn’t stop 8-BIT BASTARD from producing a 13-minute video that explores the depths of the game’s ocean. Since you can spend hours just wandering throughthis area of the game, it’s not altogether surprising that there’s enough footage to fill this lengthy film.

Accord to the folks at Kotaku, the masterminds behind the video provide a running commentary explaining the behavior of the GTA V ocean’s wildlife. As the website points out, apparently a lot of the animals you see swimming through the water are in desperate need of food. Now there’s a decidedly depressing thought.

Check out the GTA V ocean documentary below.

HITC Tech explains that the GTA V film was put together using the new first-person mode found in the Xbox One and PS4 version of the game. The viewer is taken on a guided tour of the ocean courtesy of the game’s submarine. If you don’t have the patience — or the free time — to venture into the depths on your own, this clip is a suitable alternative.

If you still need some nifty GTA V-related tomfoolery to keep you busy while your family is busy preparing Thanksgiving dinner, then check out the 8-BIT BASTARD’s four-minute shotgun rampage at 60 fps. The wizards behind this violent albeit visually intoxicating clip explained how they achieved such a frame rate.

“For the doubters – yes it IS true 60fps, which you can clearly see in the video. Here’s how: We recorded using the 3x slow motion cheat in single player so we’re playing at less than half speed. Then we take all those frames and put them into a clip at 2x the speed, thus doubling the framerate, and export at 60fps. SCIENCE!”

What do you think about the GTA V ocean documentary? What are some of the most amusing things you’ve done in the game’s new first-person mode?

[Lead image via Rockstar]

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