Kee Lee Wolf-Runner

Kee Lee Wolf-Runner Kee Lee Wolf-Runner: A nordic Barbarian warrior that is willing to follow you, but she’s not nice about it. She’s a stunning Blonde with an attitude and let’s you know who’s boss. Handy with a two handed weapon as well as bow and arrow, she will stand her ground and help you in the hardest moments. Said to be a descendant of Skjoldr Wolf-Runner mentioned in the tales of the Thirsk Mead Hall, it has been told he slew the wizard Griss the Yellow and presented his head as a battle trophy. He then ruled over Thirsk for three years until he was slain in the mead hall massacre. Kee Lee works well with EFF but no clue about UFO as I don’t use it. You can find her at the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun, ready to do battle and adventure along by your side, equiped with Barbarian Hunter skins and a Steel Broad Sword. Don’t undcerestimate‚Ķ Continue reading