Jessica Child of the Wasteland

Jessica Child of the Wasteland

You might say Jessica is a preteen of the streets and a Wasteland Waif but you’ll never meet a sweeter kid. You can find her at Bunker hill mourning the loss of a friend.
Jessica is fully hireable and uses the vanilla game femalechild voice with some editing, her dialogue is pretty basic with some comments and thoughts that are funny and serious, her combat dialogue is a bit limited but that’s due to the lack of it in the vanilla voice.
She has a basic affinity system but no dialogue to go along with it. Her likes and dislikes are varied, she likes it when you scavenge from corpses and other places but she’s still fairly picky about what you take. She loves it when you find a comic book, what kid wouldn’t. She dislikes it if you’re mean. That’s just a sample of her likes and dislikes.
To track her affinity open console, click on her and type,

GetAV CA_Affinity

You will see her progress.

Jessica is one hell of a combatant. Her combat style is similar to Caits. She’ll stand up to Super Mutants, Death Claws and she makes short work of Ghouls and Raiders with no problem. She can use any gun you give her. She’s also good at stealth to a point, meaning when she sees a chance she’ll rush in. Check out the screenshots to see what I mean.
Jessica comes with leathers but she can wear almost any armor you give her only thing is you need to have some Creation Kit savy.

This version of Jessica is set to wear any Female armor you have.

There are examples of some of the armors I’ve given her in the screenshots.

Jessica was an experiment, I wanted to see if I could make a child that would fight like an adult, it took some work but it was worth it. I have several adult companions I’ve created but Jessica by far is my favorite.
Being a father of a younger teen daughter who’s a bit like Jessica, I hope she wins your heart like she did mine.


JessicaChldCompanion V2.25



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